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Един различен поглед през който можете да разгледате София или Витоша на колела.Управлението на мотоциклет в група е едно незаменимо изживяване -всичко се вижда различно.Определено и Витоша може да бъде от слънце озарена и от скутер покорена..

Ето и някой оценки записани в нашата "Студентска книжка"....

“Fantastic - well recommended”.This well organised, informative and light hearted tour is the best thing we did with scooter in Sofia.

Our guide Ivailo is a history man at the university in the city and kept us riveted for two hours with fascinating facts about the city and a really enjoyable stroll around the key sights. It really is totally free - but please leave the guys a tip, they thoroughly deserve it!



Well done, guys!!!!!!! Mine tourguide Martin, was really good in both giving detailed explanations about the city and making the tour really enjoyable, despite my legs were freezing! :) I highly reccomend this tour to all Sofia visitors, because you can gather a lot of interesting info about the city without bothering opening your guide book, while having a good fun thanks to your tour guide!


Jemes Milner





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