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SCOOT is a True "Complete Electric Bike Conversion Kit"

This complete electric bike conversion kit system with SLA e-bike battery pack offers both e-bike novices and experienced electric bike riders safety, power, convenience and reliability.  


Complete E-Bike Kit Systems include the E-BikeKit™ Conversion Kit & E-BikeKit Battery

E-baik converastion Kit

With the E-BikeKit you get absolutely everything you need out of the box to convert your own conventional bicycle into a quiet, efficient and economical hybrid electric bike.

Engineered to comply with EU guidelines and requires no insurance or licensing in most states. If you are deciding whether to convert your existing bike or to buy(for 300euro) a complete electric bike you should know that bikes converted with the E-BikeKit Complete Conversion System are comparable to complete electric bikes costing more than 2500euro.

Why E-BikeKit:

* Easy to use: Just plug in your bike's battery to any outlet and get it recharged anywhere you are. Once recharged, it is ready for use; as simple as that.

* No Nothing Bike: Electric bikes do not require any sort of registration, insurance, licence plates etc. which other conventional motorized transportation need. So, you save the hassle and expense of obtaining any of these.

* Light Weight: Like normal bikes, an electric bike is light and its ease of use has made it popular with adults of all ages.

* Smooth on Hills: Climbing hills on a regular bicycle can be challenging. Electric bikes make climbing hills with easy. The battery power can enhance the speed while you climb. Another advantage is no grunting noise, just pure silence of the electric engine!

* Money Saver: Gasoline prices continue to soar upward year on year. Electric bikes are genuinely cheaper and efficient. They cost you very little per charge.

* Green and Clean: Electric bikes are 100% environment friendly with zero pollution levels- air and noise. A normal EB would consume fuel at an average rate of 100-150 watts of electrical energy compared to consumption of around 20,000 for a car.




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