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We offer you a quick winter getaway with us in Vitosha! If it’s your first time on the slopes, you will have the chance to book  snowboard tuition  . In addition, you can also book a lift pass and equipment. 

An ahalf ouar we drive from Sofia to Vitosha, will take you to our rental shop Scoot bul.Cherni vruh 65 in Sofia. 
where you will be able to try the equipment that suits you best and enjoy a lesson with an English-speaking snowboard instructor (if booked). After the lesson you will have free time on the slopes,
then you will be transferred back to Sofia.Snow bord games

Price: 1 pers. - 79 euro; 2+ pers. - 39 euro/per person.

Special offer every Sunday: 49 euro basic price per person!2

Departure: 08:00

Pick up/drop off location: Cherni Vruh 65 , the parking lot in EKOfuelstation 

Included in the basic price: Transportation from/to Sofia, English-speaking driver, transportation taxes

Optional: One day lift pass, hire of ski, poles and boots/snowboard and boots, 3hours of ski/snowboard tuition 
with an English-speaking ski/snowboard instructor

Transfer’s duration: 0.3h per way

You will depart from our rental shop in SOFIA around 14:30.

There are not many places between Vitosha and White See that are known for there snowbord community . That step with snow set up focused  in stunt Park year by year. Last This season ,and after some time we will have a Teen  crewНИЕ. The goals was to set  uo a contest that nobody should be excluded from to create SnowMADcrew to represent the unity and open mindness of the snowbord top of the hill,rainbow-coloured futures.So on the one hand , the audience saw flips and spins on and off rails ,and on the other in the giantcrew bibs cruising through the set up having the time of their lives.

Snowbord stunning


SnowSurf Hiking

The secret here is to jump without losing balance or speed. You still have to change your direction while jumping and you still have to confirm that the direction of your board is correct when you land.

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